How To: Upload a Custom Greeting

webinarCustomizing your online meetings and conference calls has never been easier. Allow us to help you build your brand by activating a custom greeting.  Custom greetings ensure that when your conference call and online meeting participants connect with you, they will hear the custom greeting of your choice.  Whether you want to welcome clients to an important sales call or provide a quick agenda for meeting with your team members, you can customize your greeting as much or as little as you like, for just $2.00 per month.

Get Started:

  1. Login to Account
  2. Scroll down to Custom Greeting Feature
  3. Click OFF Switch to On
  4. Click Save
  5. Click on the Change Button
  6. Pick File that you want uploaded
  7. Click Open

Once your custom greeting is activated, your meeting participants will hear your customized greeting each time they connect with you.  Change your greeting as much as you like for one low monthly rate.

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Staying Connected: Notes from Brazil

“It’s amazing how nations can come together for the world’s most popular sport…”

AmericaSoccerSportsmanship, competition, and fun.  The world comes together for many reasons, and during times like this, the importance of staying connected comes into a sharper focus.  Right now, millions of people around the world are gathering around their television, gathering in living rooms, local pubs, hangouts, and even in offices to share in the exciting drama unfolding in Brazil.

Not one to be left out, Eddie Jeff, an engineer with, packed his bags and headed to the center of all the action.

“The country of Brazil itself is a sight to see. There are amazing beaches where the water is never cold and restaurants are just feet from the water. Walls in the cities have beautiful artwork depicting song and dance. Even the graffiti on some streets looks better than anything I will ever be able to draw,” Eddie said.  “There is an immense sense of national pride in Brazil no matter the class of citizen,  ranging from people driving Audis to the man sleeping on the sidewalk with only a cardboard box and his country’s flag draped over him. In Brazil futbol is the only sport that matters and for the championship to be hosted here is a once in a lifetime experience.”

OntheFieldStaying connected while traveling abroad is important to Eddie, and with StartMeeting’s international calling feature, he can share all the highlights of the games and his travels with family and friends around the globe without breaking the bank.  StartMeeting offers local, dial-in numbers for over 50 countries and counting for just $4.95.  Whether making important calls with business contacts or checking in at home, StartMeeting’s international conferencing service ensures that Eddie stays connected when it matters most.  “Calling the US from Brazil for a conference call? No problem. I’ve got a StartMeeting account that gives me local access while traveling,” Eddie said. “I can skip the higher international dialing rates by using StartMeeting to participate in calls back home with my local Brazilian number while abroad.”

BrazilHugPic“Traveling to Brazil has been an amazing experience,” Eddie said.  “Seeing so many people from all around the world cheering on their native countries in such a respectable manner as they compete for the trophy has been very humbling. I have seen people from Ghana singing with Germans, Mexicans chanting with Argentinians, Israelis hugging Palestinians, and Brazilian natives soaking it all in with all nationalities.”

Go ahead, get together! When you need to connect with your international contacts, provide them with local dial-in numbers and enjoy StartMeeting’s reliable, high quality conferencing service from continent to continent.

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Use StartMeeting to Improve Your Sales Training


StartMeeting is much more than a collaboration tool. Did you know it can be used to improve your sales training? Here are 3 ways StartMeeting can help you improve your company’s sales training efforts.

Record Customer Demos

For sales organizations, turnover is a fact of life. But getting new reps up to speed can’t happen fast enough. Worse, sales managers often tie up the time of two people by pairing a new rep with a tenured one to listen to calls and demos.  Best case: the new rep hears a decent call or two. Worst case: he picks up some bad habits the sales manager may not even know his best reps are doing on the phone—or the day is spent listening to someone leave voicemails.

With StartMeeting (and the permission of your customers), recording customer interactions makes for the perfect sales training tool. Customers love it because they are sent a recording of the demo to share with others in the decision-making process. You get the ability to handpick recordings according to your company’s best practices. Time spent listening to calls is 100% efficient because every call or demo a new rep reviews is a good one.  Best of all, the model for a “good call” is consistent, so all new reps are assured of the same best examples from which to follow suit.


With StartMeeting you can use recorded customer demos to test your sales team. Pick out pieces of the demoed call and ask reps to “carry the demo forward” based on the information they hear. Solicit recommendations for features to be shown (or highlight what was left out) so everyone understands best practices for different demo scenarios. You can test individually or do it live in groups with teams.  Both provide insight into how much your team knows, and everyone gets a chance to improve their sales skills.

Role Playing

Seeing and hearing real calls is immensely helpful, yet it’s amazing how much of this knowledge doesn’t “stick” until it’s practiced. Rather than run the risk of new reps trying out new skills with real clients, you and your employees can role play utilizing the situations and subject matter you choose to highlight, as well as stop a recording at any point and “continue the call” as a role play. This is particularly useful for tricky parts of a sales call, and allows you to role play, then play the rest of the call as a model for how it is done effectively.

Whether you have your own sales team, or know someone who does, StartMeeting is sure to improve sales training. Recording customer demos, testing, and role playing are a few key ways you can begin to use StartMeeting to improve your sales training. Visit today to begin using StartMeeting for your sales training.


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Did you know your PIN is customizable?

Customizing your PIN is simple. Follow these steps for a personalized pin:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on the ‘Profile’ tab
  3. Click the pencil on the right side labeled ‘Host Pin’
  4. Submit


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Quick Guide: Record, Manage, & Share Meeting Resources on Your Wall

Last month, we shared tips on how to customize your Meeting Wall.  Now, we’re sharing more information on how you can start sharing better using your Wall to access recorded calls and share meeting documents, links and presentations.  To get started, see our Quick Guide tips below.

Quick Guide: Record, Manage, and Share Meeting Resources on Your Wall

Record your meetings

  • Log on to your StartMeeting account to access your Meeting Wall.
  • Click Launch Meeting Now to connect to your conference.
  • Once connected, press the round Record button on your meeting window.
  • A prompt will announce to all callers that the recording has started.
  • To stop recording, press the Record icon again.  A prompt will announce the recording session has stopped.
  • Once a recording session has stopped, your recording automatically saves to your account.

You may also record your audio calls by pressing *9.  A prompt will announce that the recording has started.  Press *9 once more to stop the recording session.

Manage your recorded calls

  • Log on to your StartMeeting Account to access your Meeting Wall.
  • Click the History and Recordings tab located at the bottom of the page.
  • Search recordings by a specific date range, description, or pre-existing filters.
  • You may add, change, or edit recording descriptions at any time.
  • Using the Recording Options icons, you may listen, download, lock, delete, or share your recordings.
  • Share your recordings to your Wall, social media channels, or YouTube.
    Wall Recordings

Share your Meeting Resources

  • Easily upload PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel files, PDFs, recorded calls, and URLs to your wall for ease of access by clicking the Upload File or Add Link button located in the upper right corner of your Meeting Resources section.
  • Adding your meeting resources to your Wall provides your team with instant access. Participants simply click the link to visit a URL or download a document or recording.
  • Protect your privacy by assigning a password for your documents.  To add a password and update your privacy settings, access the Wall Preferences menu located in the top right corner of your Wall.

Meeting Resources

Remember, when you share your Wall URL with your team, they will have access to your meeting resources at any time.  Your Wall is a great way to share meeting materials before, during and after your calls.  Upload meeting notes and follow-up documents as you’d like.  At any time, you can edit, delete, or add more links and documents.

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Get Your Free StartMeeting Mobile Apps & Plug-ins!

Looking for more ways to integrate StartMeeting into your life?  Add our Outlook and Google Calendar plug-ins, and get your free, full-featured mobile conferencing app!  We’re making it easy to schedule meetings, access your Wall, and invite callers on the go.  Our apps are available for download on Google Play and in the iTunes Store for your Android, iPhone, or iPad devices.


Outlook Plug-in

Outlook and Google Plug-ins
Integrate StartMeeting into your calendar to schedule meetings, invite callers, or access your Wall directly from your calendar software.  One-click access will simplify the way your organize your online meetings – and this feature comes standard on all StartMeeting accounts.  No need to update your subscription – simply download our Outlook or Google Calendar plug-ins to get started.

Download Outlook Plug-in (Windows Only)

Download Google Calendar Plug-in

Mobile screen shot SMFree, Full-featured Mobile Apps
Our mobile app allows you to connect to meetings wherever you are using your mobile device.  You may join a meeting by tapping the link provided in your email invitation or tapping the StartMeeting icon to dial in using your internet connection.  Enter your credentials to join the conversation.

Once you’ve entered a meeting via your mobile device, you can participate in live chats, view screen sharing sessions, and access all the meeting materials you’ll need from the host’s Wall.  No matter where you are in the world, you can join and host meetings with ease.  Get started by visiting either Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

For more information on our apps and plug-ins, visit our Support Center.

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The Road Less Traveled


Mike Miller, State Director with Smart Choice Agents and satisfied StartMeeting customer.

Mike Miller is a busy guy.  Between travel commitments, training sessions, and trying to spend more time with his family, Miller has had little time to stop and catch his breath.  This year, that all changed when he decided to make the switch to StartMeeting.  Now, Miller’s days are a little less hectic, a little more organized, and he couldn’t be happier.  “StartMeeting has truly changed my life,” he admits.  “Instead of spending seven days a month traveling, I’ve only been on the road four days this entire year!”

Mike Miller is a State Director for Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin with Smart Choice Agents, a company that provides individual insurance agents with product training, access to top-rated markets, and customized business solutions to agencies throughout the United States.  As State Director, Miller’s quest to recruit and train sales executives for a number of nationally-ranked insurance companies kept him on the road, away from his desk, and more importantly – away from his family 12 weeks a year.  Finding a way to simplify his recruiting and training strategy while cutting down on travel costs was his best bet for reclaiming time with his family.  “I have four children,” Miller said.  “It’s important for me to spend time with them.  Being in a different city, visiting up to five different offices was making it impossible.  I was missing out on a lot of important events in my family’s life.”

In January, Miller decided to make the switch to StartMeeting after being a GoToMeeting user. Miller needed StartMeeting because he needed a service that could offer a greater level of customization, customer support, and added features. In an attempt to find his work-life balance, he knew the key to finding more quality time at home was finding the right online meeting service to meet his unique needs.

Miller signed up for a free 30-day screen sharing trial with StartMeeting. Miller thought learning the new product would be challenging, but Miller said “that changed when I called Customer Support and started building out my Wall.”

Miller worked closely with his StartMeeting sales representative, Chris Macy, to customize his Wall by adding his company logo and his photo.  “Now, anyone who visits my Wall knows exactly what business I’m in, and what we’re going to be discussing.  This has been great for training purposes,” Miller says.  “My Wall looks professional and adds a new level of legitimacy to my consulting business.”  With the added confidence that recruits and agents joining his online meeting were assured a truly professional experience, Miller started to feel more at ease, more willing to commit more hours to remote training and recruiting sessions, and could feel the need to schedule on-site visits starting to relax.  According to Miller, having the chance to spend time working one-on-one with a knowledgeable representative made all the difference.

With his Meeting Wall design complete, Miller found the Meeting Resources feature crucial to his online meeting success.  With just one click, Miller uploaded his meeting materials and training presentations, allowing his recruits instant access to everything they would need for a training session.  “The training presentations have been so impactful.  I was able to recruit executives at two new agencies in Green Bay and Des Moines without ever getting on the road,” Miller said.

Since making the switch, Miller is grateful for the extra time and added savings he’s enjoyed.  “I go fishing; I’ve been to my children’s volleyball and lacrosse games.  I’m making the most of it, and I can truly say StartMeeting has changed my life.”

Are you ready to make the switch?  Sign up for your free 30-day screen sharing trial today.


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5 Tips for Sticking to your Goals

ResolutionsYou rang in the New Year, you’re back at work, and the kids are in school.  Now it’s time to seriously think about those New Year’s resolutions.

To help you stay on track, check out our 5 simple tips for meeting your New Year’s goals.  Click here to read the full article on the blog.

Looking for more ways to stay connected?  Check out all our great services here.

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Quick Guide: Customizing StartMeeting Audio Controls

Looking for more ways to customize your meeting experience?  With StartMeeting, it’s simple!

See our Quick Guide tips below for info on customizing your hold music, adjusting your default audio controls, and reducing static and noise during your meeting.

Change your hold music.
Although we personally believe our hold music is pretty groovy, variety is the spice of life.  With StartMeeting, it’s easy to customize your hold music for only $2.00 per month!  To change your hold music, log on to your StartMeeting Account.  On the Subscription tab, scroll down for Custom Hold Music option.  Turn this option on to change your hold music settings.

Adjust Your Audio Settings.
Log on to your StartMeeting account to access your Meeting Wall.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Web Controls.  From this screen, adjust your audio settings as you’d like.
StartMeeting Audio ControlsEntry and exit tones will remain on until you choose to turn them off.  For large meetings, turning off these tones can cut back on potential disruptions to your meeting as callers join or leave the conference call.

Reduce static and echoes on your call.
If you find your meeting line experiences static or echoes, it can be helpful to mute the audience to cut down on background noises during the call.  If web conferencing, simply ask your participants to mute their lines if they are not speaking.  If teleconferencing, press *5 to mute the audience.  Audience members may un-mute themselves by pressing *6.


For more assistance, give us a call for toll-free customer support at 800-644-9070.

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Share Better Using your StartMeeting Wall

SM blog 1 picYour Meeting Wall is your virtual conference room.  It’s always open, requires no reservations, and allows you quickly and conveniently host collaborative meetings, share meeting materials, and participate in live discussions via chat or voice.

Loaded with customizable features, your Meeting Wall is a great way to collaborate and share materials with your audience before, during, and after your meetings.  In this post, we’re sharing our Quick Guide tips for customizing your Wall before your next big meeting.

Start customizing your wall now by logging in to update your Wall using our Quick Guide tips below.  New to StartMeeting?  Sign up for a StartMeeting account.

 Quick Guide: Customizing Your Meeting Wall

1.  Add your photo or company logo
-Click Edit on the Host Information section of your Wall.
-Once you’ve uploaded your images, be sure to click Save.

2.  Update your contact information
-Chose Edit on the Host Information section of your Wall.
-Add links to your website, bulleted or numbered lists, and customize the color and font of     your text using our simple editing toolbar.
-Click Save to apply changes.

3. Change your meeting background
-Locate the Wall Preferences menu in the upper right corner of your Wall.
-Under General Options, use the tools provided to change your background color.
-Once you’ve selected your color, click Save to apply the changes.

4.  Customize your meeting alias to be anything you’d like!  For example, you can update your meeting alias to “StatusMeeting” or “MarketingMeeting,” and use this URL going forward.  You may also change your alias at any time.
-Access the My Account menu located in the upper right corner of your Meeting Wall.
-Click the Profile tab to adjust your meeting credentials.
-Click the pencil icon to edit your Meeting Alias.
-Click Submit to save your changes.
-Provide your audience with your updated Meeting Wall URL for instant access to your         meeting resources.
-Ensure that your meeting resources remain confidential, enable a password for your Wall     by adjusting the settings on your Wall Preferences.

Need more help?  Visit our complete Instructions page here, or contact us for more assistance.

Stay tuned for more Quick Guide tips on how to make the most of your StartMeeting account!

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